Magic Chess ARmore_vert
Magic Chess ARclose Released in 2018

Scan your surroundings, place down the chessboard and get ready to play chess against the computer or against a friend.

Pattern Ninjamore_vert
Pattern Ninjaclose Released in 2018

In Pattern Ninja you as ninja need to defend your treasure from enemies nearing it.
Defeat your enemies by drawing patterns and making sure your fuse isn't running out.

The Marauder's Mapmore_vert
The Marauder's Mapclose Released in 2016

The Marauders Map is a simple map which shows you the location of the nearby users of the app on the map.


The Marauders Map has currently been removed from the Google Play Store and has no plans of returning.

Top & Twelmore_vert
Top & Twelclose Released in 2017

The Top & Twel app is developed for the news site of the villages Oppenhuizen and Uitwellingerga to fit the smartphone screen.